Behof Vehicle for Freedom

WE DID IT! Andrew’s family was able to get the wheel-chair accessible van necessary to help him take part in social events in school and with his friends. We thank all of you who helped make this happen!


One hard-working family in Cary was often homebound because Andrew, their high-school aged son, has cerebral palsy and is blind. The increasing challenge in transporting their teenage son was so overwhelming that they often were resigned to staying home, reducing Andrew’s chances of successfully maturing into adulthood. Andrew’s vision specialist told them that going to activities, socializing with friends and getting out into society were essential to developing as an adult. While still in high school, Andrew said “I would love to go to more dances and sports events.”

A wheel-chair accessible van for their family meant freedom. Freedom to do the things as a family that you and I usually take for granted. Freedom to go to the store, the library, to go to a friend’s house. Freedom to participate in school activities for either Andrew or his sister.

Before, the family would not have been able to afford a simple, no-frills wheelchair-accessible van. But through generous donations, we were able to make this possible.

Here’s a short video that tells the story of what Vehicle For Freedom means and its impact.